Trimble MX2 Mobile Spatial Imaging System

Trimble MX2 Mobile Spatial Imaging System

The Trimble MX2 is a vehicle-mounted spatial imaging system, which combines high resolution laser scanning and precise positioning to collect geo-referenced point clouds for a wide range of requirements.

It has an endless variety of applications such as highway planning and asset management; building and construction compliance; corridor surveys for utility, oil, and gas companies; forestry management; public safety and law enforcement; and mining. And of course, it makes complex surveying work a breeze.

Trimble MX8

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  • High performance laser scanner captures fully synchronised point clouds
  • Precision positioning using tightly coupled GNSS and inertial referencing system
  • Rugged, reliable and lightweight design with low power consumption
  • Deploys on all sizes of on- and off-road vehicles, quad bikes, and boats


  • Versatile system offers significant operational flexibility
  • Outstanding performance and value with low cost of ownership
  • Optimises staff utilisation and lowers skill requirements
  • Reduces project timescales through fast deployment, data capture, and analysis
  • Highly efficient, proven analysis workflows
  • Enhances operational capabilities and expands market opportunities

Trimble MX2 is a trademark of Trimble Navigation Limited.